Coral Clutch

Here & WEAR August 22, 2016 1 Comments

I like clutches because they make any outfit a bit classier than you expected. Why does the absence of a strap elevate the class of a purse? So many things to add to the ever-growing list of life questions posed at the human species while we’re here. Will we ever figure it out? Or will the answers unveil right in the…

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Back to School Makeup

Beauty August 16, 2016 2 Comments

Whether you’re actually going back to school or just returning to the school of life, here’s the go-to makeup look I’ve adopted and adapted to feel better about walking out of my house. [ Almay Smart Shade Perfect and Correct Primer ] To protect and smooth! Any primer works as long as you use it! [ Perfekt 10 Skin Perfection Plus |…

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Mesh Up

Here & WEAR August 11, 2016 5 Comments

Life is about learning. It’s okay to mesh up. Lately, my activewear isn’t getting too much love. It was National S’mores Day yesterday and as much as I don’t condone fabricated “holidays” I had to celebrate… and the day before, and every preceding day dating back to the day I stopped eating salads for every meal. Luckily, I can wear…

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Everyday Boots

Here & WEAR August 8, 2016 2 Comments

“These boots were made for standing.” -Songwriter who is realistic about what walking in boots over an extended period of time feels like Could it ever be possible to wear knee high boot heels as everyday wear? Pairing it with a few other pieces to make it look like this is half what-you-wore-for-drinks-last-night and half “I didn’t want to get out…

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Criss Cross

Here & WEAR August 4, 2016 6 Comments

One of my favorite ways to interact with people is by innocently and unexpectedly crossing paths. It’s happened a few times and every time it does, it makes me think that these brief moments are meant to happen. How ironic, because that’s how I found this shirt. Not meaning to go shopping, but crossing paths with it along with four…

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Lifestyle July 31, 2016 1 Comments

July was filled with self-care, growing up, and staying young (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!) Here are my top picks from this month: [ Bath & Body Works Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist ] In the midst of the Pokemon Go craze, I’d rather catch more zZzzZ. This mist makes me think that it helps induce the dreams. [ Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip…

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Here & WEAR July 26, 2016 2 Comments

I remember when I was younger—I know, I’m already shaking my head writing this as if I were 80 telling distant memories to my grandchildren, but on we go— everyone would swear you couldn’t wear black and brown together. IT WAS THE BIGGEST OF FASHION FAUX PAS. Now, either things have changed, or I’m still in the shade about it. That’s…

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Boyfriend Bomber

Here & WEAR July 21, 2016 5 Comments

Remember when you would try your best to make it look like you didn’t care when getting ready for senior year of high school, but secretly you did? Dressing “scrubby” would take twice as long because you still have to be attractive to that guy you always pass in Hallway 3 between sixth and seventh period. There was no class…

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