megan batoon

RATINGS AND REVIEWS about megan from friends


“As a creator, Megan possesses a truly rare talent and is consistently making work that leaves me in awe. As a human being, she’s my arch-nemesis.” - Jon Savitt

★★★★★★ (I fear for my life if I say anything less)

“Megan Batoon has an ambition that, honestly, scares the crap out of me. As a dancer, calligrapher, clothing designer, chef, self-taught barber, interior designer, and whatever the hell this is, I can safely say that she’s a robotic “superhuman” prototype that will soon go rogue and develop a taste for blood. She’s also funnier than me, and I keep telling her to cut it out.” -Brian McElhaney


“If you ask me Megan Batoon is one of the few artists of our generation who can mix both dexterity with pure unadulterated clumsiness. Not only has she changed my life with the strength of her brand but she can do the same to yours.” -William Haynes